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feasting on takeout and souls

I wrote this for this week's challenge at lawandorder100, an L&O drabble community -- but I think it is also appropriate to post here. (Challenge was to use any previous challenge from the community. I chose the "title your drabble with the title of an lj" one.)

Stabbed in the Back by Kovsky
Crackfic. L&O: SVU/weird miscellany.

"So let me get this straight, sir," Olivia said slowly. "You claim that this ... encounter ... left you pregnant."

"Yeah. I mean, that's just not on, right?"

"Sir, even if what you're suggesting was biologically possible, if you consented then it's not a crime. But if you like, I can let you talk to our psychiatrist..."

"I'm not crazy! Look, I just want to fill out a complaint form, okay? Get all this on the record."

She sighed again and pulled out the forms. "It's your career, buddy."

"My name is O-R-L--"

"Yeah, I know how it's spelled."

A/N: Journal title is, of course, swmbo's. Also, this is more mpreg than I ever wanted to write. *twitch*
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