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Orlikov tig.

Come on, y'all! Kovsky's missing until Thursday. I say we use this space to write beautiful Orlikov scenes to surprise her when she gets back. I know she'll love it! Everyone should contribute a bit.

Louisville summers are hot and humid. Days are long and people are tired. Dogs are even more tired. Because of the fur. They get really hot. So it wasn't a surprise that Orlando was down at the water with his dogs and a few strays that he picked up along the way. What was a surprise was who he met at the shore.

Approaching in the distance, her face blurred by the sun, was the coolest person he'd ever seen. He heard her voice before he saw her face.

"Dude, cool dogs." She stopped and played with Spot III for a moment. "Wait, are you international film star and dog lover, Orlando Bloom?"

Her face came into focus and Orlando's life finally made sense. "Why yes. I am. And are you Kovsky? Writer of Xom and all around mystery?"
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