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Where WAS Kovsky?

Oh, she'd like us to believe that she spent two weeks in the Canadian wilderness, slaving away on Xom in the peace and quiet, in order to serve us.

However, the facts speak for themselves. Nobody saw Kovsky during that period - she vanished from LJ, from AIM, from text messages and from phone.

After time passes, she sends me a text message from "Indiana", after she supposedly crossed over from Canada. Because that's when her cell phone worked. And yet, a careful examination of maps of the US and Canada show that Indiana does not border Canada.

As we research the matter further, more misinformation comes to light. Kovsky posts proudly that she has finished the Xom. That it is complete and will shortly be posted on her site. Since, after all, that's what she was 'working' on during her mysterious absence.

And yet it is not posted. Suddenly, her computer has 'broken'. She can't access her information. She's taken it to Best Buy. It should only be a day or so. And yet now, days after she supposedly took it in, she claims they're holding her computer hostage. It will be several more days.

I must say, I am skeptical that she did finish this Xom. That she ever went to Canada at all. She was up to something and is now trying to cover her tracks. The question is...WHAT, exactly, was she really up to?

The Truth is Out There
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